Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Clients engage with Vedams in a variety of ways. This flexibility allows Vedams to customize and match its resources to the client’s needs in the most optimal way. No matter which model you choose, you can confide in us to deliver great results.

Smartshore Partner

Smartshore Partner, Team Extension

We supplement the clients engineering team with experienced engineering resources from our facility in India. This type of engagement may be driven by a strategic initiative on part of the client to have some of its engineering resources in an offshore facility. It can also be motivated by project needs which require technologies that are not part of the client’s in-house expertise. Or, the client might be facing a situation where they urgently need to deploy their own resources on the next generation project and need to quickly put together a mature delivery team that works alongside its engineers for rapid ramp. Good technical resources with specialized expertise and experience are difficult to find. Vedams’ engineers are an experienced pool of professionals who can engage on all or part of the product lifecycle.

In this type of engagement a majority of the team is based at the offshore location although a small number of resources maybe “on-site” to coordinate with the offshore engineers. The client can kick start the engagement with a small team and grow over a period of time. For knowledge acquisition and transfer from the client, a small team may be deployed at the client office for a short duration at the start of the engagement.

This model significantly reduces development costs by drawing on the resources at the offshore facility. It also improves time-to-market by augmenting your current team with a mature, stable, offshore team. Vedams enjoys one of the highest employee satisfactions and has the lowest attrition rates in the offshoring industry. This translates into a highly productive team that delivers impressive results.

Short Term Consulting/projects

At times, Vedams will engage on a short term consulting project in order to augment a Client’s project when it involves a sudden “bursty” need for resources or a set of technologies that the client has a short term need for, and would rather not build the expertise in house. This may include completion of an already existing project or working on a new project. Vedams’ project-based consulting model allows your business to have access to a talented software development team without the financial and administrative overhead from hiring your own temporary resources.

Our consultants are professional, technically proficient, and deadline oriented to meet the aggressive time constrained project needs of our clients from our delivery center in India.

Build Operate Transfer

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model is suited for companies who are interested in setting up their own subsidiary in India, but would like to take the help of Vedams’ existing infrastructure to get started. The client reaps the benefits of an offshore center and is shielded from the obstacles that are involved in legal, taxes, hiring, IT and office operations, HR etc.

In this model, companies could commence offshore operations and own an entire offshore facility with minimal risk and investment. Vedams brings local knowledge, ready infrastructure and technical resources which are the key elements of a successful offshore model.

  • Vedams was able to bring the necessary expertise and resources to meet our business objectives. What I like the most is its flexibility in their business model to meet our needs.

    Vic Jipson - VP of Engineering, SNAP Appliance
  • Our partnership with Vedams has been highly successful. The Vedams team is extremely productive and dedicated to ensuring success. Their willingness to go above and beyond has resulted in consistently meeting schedules with high quality releases despite several challenges that needed to be overcome.

    They conduct their work and business relationship with the highest degree of honesty and integrity.

    Doug DeRosia - VP of Program Management, Dot Hill Systems Corp
  • Vedams is a highly valuable addition to Xyratex’s own global product test organization. With product availability and reliability requirements being key differentiators for Xyratex in its markets, the need for exhaustive, rigorous and in-depth functional testing is critical.

    The knowledge required to perform at this level, being very data storage focused, is not easily obtained but I have been impressed by the way these skills have been cultivated and the low levels of staff turnover.

    Grahame Morrison - VP Server and Enclosure Development, Networked Storage Solutions, Xyratex International Ltd
  • Vedams was able to bring the necessary expertise and resources to meet our business objectives. What I like the most is its flexibility in their business model to meet our needs.

    Vic Jipson - VP of Engineering, SNAP Appliance
  • Vedams’s global delivery model is strongly supported by their onshore project management. Because of the seamless communication maintained by the local project managers, we were able to keep our customer’s aggressive schedules on time and on budget.

    Jim Engelking - e-business Practice Manager, RCM Technologies