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About Us

Vedams has a singular focus, dedication, and passion for everything Storage — specializing in engineering, support, and technical marketing services. We have worked across all layers of the storage technology stack – from firmware to storage management software and everything in between, and understand how these components integrate with each other. Our services help reduce the time-to-market for products, the time-to-product adoption, and increase post-sale customer satisfaction. Our clients range from startups to public companies developing storage products with leading-edge technology. These clients, their OEM partners, and their ultimate end users, including Fortune 500 companies, depend on us to get their products out to market quickly, cost efficiently, reliably, and with extremely high quality.

Engineering and Technical Marketing:

On the engineering front, we provide development, product QA, test automation, interoperability testing, solution certification, customer support, escalation handling, sustenance, and release management services. In parallel, we marry our storage engineering capability with marketing expertise to deliver a rich set of innovative technical marketing documentation to engage our client’s prospects and customers. We develop application notes, best practices guides, installation and configuration guides, and customer success stories. We can convert any of your existing collateral into video.

Dedicated Employees and State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Our talented, motivated, and responsible engineering teams thrive in dynamic and challenging environments.  With deep expertise in storage and the ability to constantly innovate in tools and processes, we are able to dramatically accelerate the time to market for our clients. Our state of the art lab and office facilities house terabytes of storage, feature some of the leading brands of switches, storage and server hardware. Key enterprise and storage applications, in physical, virtualized and cloud environments are used to test and certify products. We deliver projects globally, using agile methodologies.

Our Clients:

Include Dot Hill, Xyratex, Overland Storage, Maxta, Oracle Storage, and their OEMs including HP, Dell, EMC, NetApp, IBM, Intel, and AMD. For these customers, we execute projects across the entire product life cycle – from early development stages all the way through sustaining and end of life. We go beyond bug fixing and continue to enhance the product and add value for our client’s customers, which include major financial institutions, manufacturing companies, media and entertainment, oil exploration, consumer, retail, and other industries.

Our Core Values:

Quality, Customer Focus, Trust, and Innovation form the foundation of our relationship with our employees and our customers. We also strongly believe that corporate responsibility should extend beyond employees and customers and continue into the community as well. We have an active program for giving back to the community through contributions in both financial terms and in programs like education and training.

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Our Story

  • Vedams was able to bring the necessary expertise and resources to meet our business objectives. What I like the most is its flexibility in their business model to meet our needs.

    Vic Jipson - VP of Engineering, SNAP Appliance
  • Our partnership with Vedams has been highly successful. The Vedams team is extremely productive and dedicated to ensuring success. Their willingness to go above and beyond has resulted in consistently meeting schedules with high quality releases despite several challenges that needed to be overcome.

    They conduct their work and business relationship with the highest degree of honesty and integrity.

    Doug DeRosia - VP of Program Management, Dot Hill Systems Corp
  • Vedams is a highly valuable addition to Xyratex’s own global product test organization. With product availability and reliability requirements being key differentiators for Xyratex in its markets, the need for exhaustive, rigorous and in-depth functional testing is critical.

    The knowledge required to perform at this level, being very data storage focused, is not easily obtained but I have been impressed by the way these skills have been cultivated and the low levels of staff turnover.

    Grahame Morrison - VP Server and Enclosure Development, Networked Storage Solutions, Xyratex International Ltd
  • Vedams was able to bring the necessary expertise and resources to meet our business objectives. What I like the most is its flexibility in their business model to meet our needs.

    Vic Jipson - VP of Engineering, SNAP Appliance
  • Vedams’s global delivery model is strongly supported by their onshore project management. Because of the seamless communication maintained by the local project managers, we were able to keep our customer’s aggressive schedules on time and on budget.

    Jim Engelking - e-business Practice Manager, RCM Technologies